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My name is Hayley. I am the owner of Myriad Business Services.

I am an all-services business consultant. Some people like to describe me as an ad-hoc business development manager. I can help with setting up your business, putting you in the right direction for what you may need, and discovering your target audiences. Some companies bring me in as part of brainstorming sessions where I can give another perspective on potential ideas and pick up on any pros and cons. Giving you the time to focus on the more important parts of your business. I also work for larger companies that need help with admin, social media management, content pots, and special projects. I can be a virtual administrator that can take some of the workload off when needed.

My passion is also for event planning. In the past, I have organised and run events for town councils, community events, charity fundraisers, large corporate conferences, and more.

I have spent my past years working in a myriad of different industries. However, my raison d’être is within the small business and charitable/non-profit sectors. During my career, I have managed to help and improve various charities and small business marketing plans to reach who they need, along with signposting to funding opportunities, referring them to other companies that can help with anything else they may need, keeping their brands on trend with local and national markets and even just being there as a sounding board for future projects. Giving another perspective on the feasibility and potential pitfalls that others may not think of.

And if you are looking for something that I don’t specialise in, then I have an array of trusted contacts and partners who do.

I don’t believe in the hard sell. It’s not my style and in all honesty, in business, you want someone you can trust with your brand.

Feel free to contact me for a friendly chat to see how I can help you find that 25th hour in the day.


Here is a basic list of the services we can provide.

This list is by no means exhaustive because every company is different and therefore has different needs. We can provide a tailor-made package based on where you need help the most.

Regular Consultations

This is where you can have a regular meeting to check in with how the business is doing, look at the recent data from social media accounts, suggest any updates or changes or anything else that you would like to discuss.

Social Media Packages

We can tailor-make a social media package for any business. It can be just providing monthly branded content for your social media accounts to upload yourself, analyse social media traffic to give you better information about what and when to post. Or if it’s all just the last thing you want to think about, then you can let us handle your social media posts. You would still have all say over what is posted, but the laborious tasks on the computer would be all our job.

PR and Advertising

Myriad can create and help you choose the best methods of advertising your business and to suit your budgets. We can also advise on some customer service best practices and even training to ensure you don’t fall into any of those PR pitfalls.

Trend Mapping

We all know that every day brings another new must want “item” or another trend that everyone is jumping on board with. Trend mapping is a report personalised to your business where the products/services you sell and are analysed to coincide with the latest trends and where you could use those trends to boost your own business.

Market Research

market research is always one of those tasks that every company wants to do but either doesn’t know the best way to go about it or just doesn’t have the time or the money. After all, you are spending your time working on your business. We can undertake anything from online market research to full surveys in the public or via various other mainstream online services.

Event Management

With many years of event management behind us, we can help with corporate launches, Christmas parties, networking events, fundraising and PR events. Anything you would like to hold, we can take the stress out of it. Providing risk assessments, live music, services for specific events and more.

Business Networking

We work with many small businesses and charities. And a lot of the time, it’s not just what you know, it is also WHO you know. There is a myriad of commerce groups, business networking lunches and other events that you may like to attend to meet with other like-minded people. This can help grow your business network and even give the possibility for future growth.

Business Referrals

We know that when running a business, it’s not just one person. Often there are contractors, plumbers, engineers, electrician and many many more experts that are needed to bring it all together and running smoothly. We have a wealth of contacts in many fields that we can help refer you to so you get the best and most qualified in the business in your area.

Administration Support / Virtual Assistant

Things don’t always go to plan. And when life gets in the way, often the most simple tasks get pushed to the side until you find you have a mountain of paperwork on your desk. We can provide someone either in your office or working from home to help process your administration tasks.

Web Design

Having a website nowadays is as easy as 1,2,3. There are many sites out there that can provide free websites for you. However, they don’t always look the most professional. Not all websites have to be flashy, but they do have to convey what your business is and be workable for your customers to take you seriously. We can provide web design and hosting packages for all your needs.

Contact us for information on the services above or to ask if we can provide other services for you.


Hayley Smith

Address: Beenleigh, 8 Fairfield Close, Bovey Tracey, Devon, TQ13 9BH

Phone: 07878 434282







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