Stepping up to Management and Leadership : London-18-20th December

Just how productive could you be before 2018?

Management is about arranging and telling. Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing.

This course will change your perspective and bring out the best in you. It will also give you a set of tools and techniques to manage the work and lead people.

Let’s face it, if you don’t lead your team with clear-cut procedures, they’ll make up the rules themselves. 

Duration – 3 days @ £1297+VAT £997+VAT!!

  • As you move up the ladder, your time becomes others’ time so you’ll need to better manage yourself
  • Your business – core beliefs, values and standards – what are they?
  • Planning, productivity measures, mapping and prioritising
  • A set of four tools for project management (more detail and twelve tools on the 3-day course)
  • Closing the gap between you and your team. Inclusion and gaining respect
  • Consistency. Setting the bar
  • Coaching and shaping a team to create ideas and to work with business/team targets rather than just their own
  • New perspective on leading teams. Getting the best from your team experts
  • Meetings – 1-2-1’s and four types of meetings. Getting the best results.
  • One-minute management
  • Reporting – making sure you know what’s going on, hotspots, trouble spots, what could ‘stop the engine’?
  • Decision Making & Leadership
  • Crisis management
  • Truth and lies
  • Learning body language
  • Understanding ‘implicit’ and ‘explicit’
  • Situation management, behaviour, conflict, performance management people who don’t fit in and disciplinary matters.
  • Winning

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