Qualified Leads for cash business, verified, called and opted-in @ £15 BBX per lead!

Get New Cash Business With Qualified Leads on BBX – Today!

If you’re looking for a new way to market your business, Fat Buddha Media has the answer…

Fat Buddha attracts 1,000s of new buyers every month looking to purchase products and services for its businesses via its qualified lead marketing network.
The buyers are asked up to 5 qualification questions, with successful answers resulting in a human to human call, where further qualifcation occurs. If the answers to the questions are all correct to your specifications, that call becomes a Qualified lead and is sent through to you to immediately follow-up to make a sale.

We off a starter pack of 10 qualified leads a week for 12 weeks on BBX for £1800 + VAT BBX (£2,1600 BBX). All you then have to do is call them and make a cash sale, turning the qualified lead into a brand new customer.

Email hello@fatbuddha.media or fillout the contact form…