The Great BBX Cyber Monday Giveaway!

On Cyber Monday, the 26th of November, we will be giving every BBX client an opportunity to win prizes including a 4×4. There are three opportunities where you can take part to win prizes, spend BBX and earn BBX.

Opportunity 1:
Earn more BBX!

For every client who can provide a set price offer, we are asking you to take a short video (1-2 min) of your product or service and send it to your account manager by Friday the 23rd. Alternatively, you can email to, if the file is too large then please send via WeTransfer.

Opportunity 2:
Spend BBX money!

On Cyber Monday we will be uploading the videos to our Facebook page and inviting all BBX clients to view the videos and purchase the various products or services with BBX money. It will be on a first come first served basis, purchases can be made by leaving comments against the videos or calling your account manager directly. If you haven’t already liked or followed our Facebook page I strongly recommend you do to ensure you don’t miss out on notifications when the videos are uploaded. Please click here if you are unsure of how to follow our page and set the notifications.

Opportunity 3:
Win prizes!

For every transaction that takes place on Cyber Monday as a result of the videos will give both the buyer AND seller the chance to enter a code and crack the safe. Prizes range from craft beers, helicopter rides, suits, holidays and a 4×4. One in every three codes is a WINNER and there is no limit to how many transactions you can make. The safe can be found here.

Prizes to WIN!

10,000 x Paintball days for 2
2,000 x 8 craft beers
2,000 x Salon cut and finish
2,000 x Pamper treat
2,000 x Boudoir experience
2,000 x Dudoir experience
2,000 x £25 Activity Voucher
2,000 x Name a star voucher
2,000 x Family Portrait
2,100 x Model Makeover
500 x Apartment holiday
1 x 4×4
250 x Cinema ticket
1 x Made to measure suit
1 x Powerboat thrill
1 x Helicopter Buzz Flight
2000 x Standard will
5 x Action Camcorder