Business Support Services that can unleash your company potential



Unleash your business potential

Develop your people to achieve your business goals

  • For effective managers who will drive your business

Are your managers running your business for growth? Business success depends on having a great management team

  • Not just senior managers but confident business leaders too

Your senior managers drive business opportunity and growth. Give them the tools they need to achieve their potential.

  • People diagnostics : focus on what your business really needs

Do your people have what it takes to lift your business to the next level? Find out with our diagnostic tools.

  • Develop your people, grow your business

On time support for managing performance, talent, succession plans, HR processes, whatever you need for business growth.

You invest in plant and equipment, you invest in systems. Your biggest investment is almost certainly the people you employ. They have the power to make your business something very special. They can take your business to new places, grow it, develop it and innovate.

Or not.

Most growing businesses are so busy keeping going that they often do not have the time or specialist skill to work out how to get the best from their employees. It takes knowledge and experience to lift the lid on a company to see how things can be changed, so you get the best possible return on your people investment.

That’s what we do. That’s what drives us. Our ambition is to transform your people so your business flourishes.

Our aim is to find solutions that work for you. Our approach is to work with you, as your people partner. What that means in practise is up to you. Take a look at “What we do” to see what we can offer. If there is something else you need, please ask. You might get an answer that moves your business forward.

Would you like an informal, no obligation discussion to see if we might be the right people for you to work with? Call or email and we will set it up. Let’s get your people to achieve your business potential.

The following services are available from Long Horizon

1.Business Skills Diagnostic Report

Running a business is not easy. You make plans. You know where you want the business to go. Do your people have the skills to do that?

Businesses struggle when senior managers are too busy being operational to focus on strategy. Middle managers may lack the skills or knowledge to raise business performance. Perhaps your business has the right skills, but your people systems do not support your business growth.

This report will give you clear, fact based recommendations to enable your leaders and managers to drive business success.

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How does it work?

  • We gather a range of business information to understand your business as it is now and your future ambitions.
  • We meet with your senior team for a focused 2 hour session to uncover the areas of your people strengths and potential challenges.
  • We use a skills diagnostic with your senior managers to clarify their skills and roles.
  • We analyse all the data and forecast the areas of skills development needed to achieve your business growth ambitions.

What do you get back?

  • Each senior manager receives a confidential, personal feedback session and written report suggesting development activities in line with their role and responsibilities.
  • We will prepare a report detailing the people development issues that affect your business, with clear recommendations on how you can address them.
  • We will meet with you to discuss and review your report and give you an opportunity to consider your priorities

What next?

You know where your business is going. Find out where it’s starting from. For practical information on how to make great use of your people, get a Business Skills diagnostic report.

2. Leadership Development

Take your senior management team from good to great

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Senior managers can make or break a business. Great senior managers spot business opportunities, deliver business growth, drive competitive advantage. A great senior team define and deliver strategy, think on their feet and inspire confidence.

Your senior managers can develop their leadership style, their communication skills, the way they work and behave as a team and as individuals they can improve their confidence, skills and thinking to do and be the very best they can, every day.


We provide:

  • Individual and team assessments using psychometric profiling. This gives each person the information to understand their strengths and use them.
  • Individual skills diagnostic for current and future business needs.
  • Individual and team coaching. Confidential, supportive coaching and feedback to work on your particular business and people challenges.
  • Action learning sets for MDs and senior managers. Work in a small group with other business leaders. Challenge yourself and discover new ways of thinking and leading.

What do you get from that?

  • Confidential feedback and reports to identify individual and team strengths. Recommendations on how to address gaps and develop team members.
  • Tailored development to suit your senior team. Give them the development they need when it suits them and how it suits them.
  • Focused development to grow you leaders and develop your business. Enable your leaders to step up to the next level and have the confidence, skills and capability to take your business where you want it to go.

What happens next?

To develop your senior team and your business, get in touch to discuss your needs. Confidential, strategic development for leadership teams and individual leaders. To move from good to great, call us to arrange an informal discussion.


3. Management training

Good managers make all the difference in business. If you have really good managers, you have happy customers, happy employees, your senior team are free to focus on strategy. You can take time off without worrying, or being on call.

Are your managers like that? If they are, well done. Most managers are trying to be really good at what they do. Many need a hand to become better.

You might have new managers who need training. Your experienced managers could do some things better or differently. You may want to improve team performance or customer service. Perhaps your managers could do better as a team.

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Management training is about equipping your managers with a solid set of management skills. They already know the technical side of their job. Management development enables them to run your business.

This can include:

  • Managing people and their performance.
  • Managing projects and quality.
  • Developing you as a manager and your team.
  • Your management style, communications and behaviours.
  • Practical management skills: meetings, reports, communicating well.
  • Recruiting, selecting, training your team.


Will it work?

This is high quality management development, with content tailored to your business needs. Institute of Leadership & Management endorsed programmes are available to your company. This gives you the added benefit of knowing your company training has external recognition.

All your managers will receive practical, work place assignments to put their learning into effect straightaway.  You will be able to see a difference almost immediately in the way your managers work.  They will develop a team approach and confidence in what they do and how they do it. You will see improved skills in your management team, managers who solve work problems, run the business and leave your senior team free to focus on strategy and growth.

What next?

For managers with the confidence and skills to run your business well, call us. Let’s get your managers working at the top of their game with tailored, business focused development.


4. HRD Support

On call people support

Your business is growing. You need to hire the right people, keep the good people you have and make sure that your people are fit for tomorrow’s business. We are here to be your people development team.


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We will understand your business and its needs. We ask about your priorities for the business and the people. We work with you in partnership  so you can rely on us to get the right things in place for your business growth. Depending on what you need we can provide:

  • Sourcing training provision, negotiating to get the right training at the right price. Managing training and ensuring you get the value you need for the business.
  • Working within your business to make sure your people systems tie into quality systems, customer management, project management and business KPIs.
  • Sourcing and / or delivering specialist HR skills such as recruitment, investigation work, policies and procedures, contracts of employment, managing absence.
  • Developing people systems that work for your managers and your business. Performance appraisal, employee engagement, induction systems.
  • Internal training for ‘soft’ skills such as customer service, presentation skills, complaint handling. Developing internal trainers and coaches so teams are self-supporting.
  • Development work and informal assessment to get you ready for Investors in People accreditation or external quality audits.
  • Working with you on change management projects to ensure that communications and people management delivers a smooth productive transition.


We will discuss your priorities, your KPIs and desired outcomes. We agree how much time you need from us and how often. Once that is in place, we get on and do the work.

We will be ‘on call’ to you even when we aren’t on site. When we are on site, we will be part of your team and working across your business. You will get regular updates and reports with clear evaluation of changes and return on your investment. We make recommendations for the future. Our expertise is to support and develop your people, to grow your business. This is tailored, confidential, trustworthy people support focused on your business ambitions.

What comes next?

You know where your business is going. Let’s make sure your people can take you there. For professional, tailored, affordable people support, call us now.


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